Lighting Packages & Setups

Intimate and perfect moment for your guests during your Wedding Ceremony. Make sure the moment will never be forgotten with a Professional Ceremony Sound Set-Up.
Credit cards accepted + Payment plans offered

Professional Ceremony Setup


Professional Ceremony Package Includes:

  • 1-2 powered speakers on stands

  • 2 wireless microphones - We suggest 1 handheld wireless microphone for the bride & groom to share and 1 headset for your officiant.

  • (Perfect for your guests to hear all the Ceremony Rituals and hear the Bride & Groom speak in their everlasting moment)

  • we suggest 1 handheld wireless microphone for the bride & groom to share and 1 headset for your officiant. 

  • 1 Professional Mixing Board

  • Properly gaffer taping all cables for safety & fire code standards 

  • Liability Insurance covered for most ceremony sites

  • Pre-wedding ceremony music to fit our client’s style

  • Processional songs & recessional Songs will be played to your liking

  • Expert professional set-up & breakdown of equipment

  • Please Note: If Wedding Ceremony is located at a different Venue from Reception, an additional $300 will be added.

While serving your guests with appetizers & cocktails, let us provide a tailor-made background music playlist of your choice. Accompanied by a Wired or Wireless Microphone for Announcements and prepare your guests for an elaborate or simple Wedding Reception.

Cocktail Hour Setup 

$99.99 - $149.99 

Cocktail Hour Setup Includes:

  • 1-2 powered speakers on stands

  • Personalized background music playlist of your choice

  • Setup & breakdown of equipment included

Lighting Packages

Premium Lighting Package 


Premium Lighting Package Includes:

  • Up-lighting up to 16 fixtures 

  • DJ event lighting façade (1) 

  • Cake spots up to 6 fixtures 

  • Customized gobo monogram projector (1) 

  • chauvet moving heads (2)

  • Fxpar9 fixtures (2)

Deluxe Lighting Package 


Deluxe Lighting Package Includes:

  • Up-lighting up to 12 fixtures 

  • DJ event lighting façade (1)

  • Cake spots up to 6 fixtures

  • Customized Gobo Monogram Projector (1)

  • chauvet moving heads (2)

  • Fxpar9 fixtures (2)

Basic Lighting Package 


Basic Lighting Package Includes:

  • Up-lighting - 8 fixtures 

  • Cake Spot(s) up to 6 fixtures 

  • Customized Gobo Monogram Projector (1)

  • Fxpar9 (2) or swarm fx (2) 

Custom Gobo Monogram

Gobo Monogram 


Impress your guests & family with a customized gobo monogram. Monogram lighting is created by using a "gobo and a designated gobo projector or light. A "gobo" in this case is a pre-designed image that is projected from our video projector.

You can project your names, initials, wedding date, customized monogram onto any flat surface (ex: Dance Floor or Wall) to create a special wedding lighting effect. 

Looks beautiful in photos and will help capture that perfect moment. First dance, parent & bride/groom dance, or just any warm-hearted part during your big day!

A video projector allows the design to be changed days before your wedding or event and not have to worry about making a new die-cast discs. The video projector has a max throw of about 20 feet before it comes too dim to view. It also isn't as versatile in placement options. If the video projector is properly placed on a complete flat surface and the image is with-in the 20 foot radius it will be as bright as a die-cut metal disc gobo.)

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